A Fuzzy Logic and Behavior Coordination System for Collision-free Autonomous Mobile Robots

Huang, Entao, Abier Belashher, Wei Ban, Chaomin Luo, and Mohan Krishnan

Wall-following and navigation are required for autonomous mobile robots and many other robotic applications. The capability to perform wall-following and navigation is a critical competence for successful search and exploration in real-world environments of autonomous mobile robots in cleaning, transportation, medical, and rescue robotics applications. In this project, our autonomous mobile robot is equipped with IR sensors, ultrasonic sensors, regulator, RC filters, and LCD display on Roomba® platform based on HCS12 microcontroller and embedded systems.  An efficient fuzzy logic and behavior coordination system is developed for wall-following navigation of autonomous mobile robots. In addition, software development contains motor control, obstacle avoidance and sensor fusion in this project.  Environmental information of the real-world collected by IR and ultrasonic sensors is transmitted to the fuzzy logic and behavior coordination system. Experimental results validate how a fuzzy logic and behavior coordination system directs an autonomous mobile robot to perform wall-following and point-to-point search with obstacle avoidance.