Efficient Line-following and Motor Control Techniques for an Intelligent Mobile Robot

Lorenzo, Thomas, Darrien Bean, Chaomin Luo, Mark Paulik, and Sandra Yost

Line-following associated with a motor control technique is an essential issue for intelligent mobile robots and many other robotic applications. Real-time line-following and navigation are desirable for efficient performance in military, transportation, medical, and other non-manufacturing robotics applications.  This project addresses, the construction, programming, and testing of an intelligent mobile robot. The hardware design includes motor control using encoders, a sensor interface, and sensor configuration. An H-Bridge with pulse width modulation (PWM) technique is employed to control the speed of the motors. The algorithm development includes line-following, drive motor control, steering motor control and camera imaging collection and processing. 

In particular, an efficient line-following algorithm is developed to ensure that the intelligent mobile robot will move as quickly as possible in tracking a 3cm-wide black line against a 50cm-wide white line with up-hill and down-hill portions. The testing was accomplished by racing the robot around a track. This project will be selected to participate in the Freescale Cup Intelligent Car Racing Competition. Freescale provided the model robot kit, servo, electric motors, battery and camera.