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Barakat, Anthony, Shelby Maurice, Cameron Roberts, Mark A. Benvenuto, and Elizabeth S. Roberts-Kirchhoff. "Analysis of Salts and Salt Substitutes with a Handheld X-Ray Fluorescence Analyzer." Trace Materials in Air, Soil, and Water; Volume 1210. Lanigan, Katherine; Benvenuto, Mark; Evans, Kendra; Rihana, Alexa; Roberts-Kirchhoff, Elizabeth. American Chemical Society, Washington, DC. (2015): 101-114
Dean, Jennifer. "Staffing for the Future … with the Staff You Have Right Now." Advances in Library Administration and Organization Volume 34. Hines, Samantha Schmehl; Simons, Marcy. Emerald Group Publishing Limited, Bingley, United Kingdom. (2015): 83 - 99
Ferreira, Fernando, William Negreiros, Rafael Pacheco, and Sérgio Pontalti. "New generation of glass ceramic." Smile reconstruction: science, art and technology. Celestrino, Marcos; Oshiro, Munenobu. Napoleão, Nova Odessa, Brazil. (2015): 3-20
Hibbard, J. Todd. "Isaiah 19:18: A Textual Variant in Light of the Temple of Onias in Egypt." Concerning the Nations: Essays on the Oracles against the Nations in Isaiah, Jeremiah and Ezekiel. Holt, Else K.; Kim, Hyun Chul Paul; Mein, Andrew. T&T Clark, London. (2015): 32-52
Hibbard, J. Todd. "Breaking an Eternal Covenant: Isaiah 24:5 and Persian-Period Discourse about the Covenant." Covenant in the Persian Period: From Genesis to Chronicles. Bautch, Richard J.; Knoppers, Gary N.. Eisenbrauns, Winona Lake, IN. (2015): 195-209
Hibbard, Todd. "Theology of Apocalyptic." The Oxford Encyclopedia of the Bible and Theology. Ballentine, Samuel E.. Oxford University Press, New York, NY. (2015)
Koukal, D. R.. "Stolen Space: The Perverse Architecture of Torture." Merleau-Ponty: Space, Place, Archtitecture. Locke, Patricia M.; McCann, Rachel. Ohio University Press, Athens, OH. (2015): 170-185
Lanigan, Katherine C., and Elizabeth S. Roberts-Kirchhoff. "Investigating Drinking Water Quality: Theme-Based Activities for a Range of Instructional Levels." Chemistry and the Environment: Pedagogical Models and Practices, Volume 1214. Lanigan, Katherine; Benvenuto, Mark; Evans, Kendra; Rihana, Alexa; Roberts-Kirchhoff, Elizabeth. American Chemical Society, Washington, D.C.. (2015): 51-67
Presbey, Gail. "Women’s Empowerment: The Insights of Wangari Maathai." Gender Justice and Development: Vulnerability and Empowerment, Volume II.. Palmer, Eric. Routledge, (2015)
Presbey, Gail. "Evaluating the Legacy of Nonviolence in South Africa." 1913, Satyagraha, Passive Resistance and its Legacy. Devarakshanam (Betty) Govinden and Kalpana Hiralal (Eds.). Manohar Publishers, New Delhi, India. (2015): 215-256
Schroeder, Alexandra, Zachary Smith, Mark A. Benvenuto, and Elizabeth Roberts-Kirchhoff. "Analysis of Dietary Supplements with a Hand-held XRF Analyzer." Food, Energy, and Water: The Chemistry Connection. Ahuja, Satinder. Elsevier, Amsterdam, Netherlands. (2015)†: 383-389
Tanaka, Takako Imai, Hsun-Liang Chan, David Ira Tindle, Mark MacEachern, and Tae-Ju Oh. "Updated Clinical Considerations for Dental Implant Therapy in Irradiated Head and Neck Cancer Patients." Journal of Prosthodontics on Dental Implants. Bidra, Avinash; Parel, Stephen. Wiley, Hoboken, NJ. (2015): 254-262
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