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2015 Jesuit Stipends

Two stipends are offered annually by the Jesuit community to encourage and support faculty in developing new courses, or substantially modifying current courses, to advance the Catholic Mission of UDM. Previously funded by the Jesuit 100 Association, these stipends are now funded solely by the Jesuit Community at UDM to promote the Catholic identity and spiritual values of the university as it prepares the future leaders of our community and the world.

Information provided as summary statements comes directly from the faculty's proposals.

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Conant, Stephanie B., and Jacob D. Kagey (2015)

Drs. Stephanie Conant and Jacob Kagey will substantially modify two existing courses, BIO1210 (Introduction to Biology laboratory 1) and BIO1040 (Fundamentals of Bioinformatics). They will develop a freshmen level research-based curriculum in which students would take a newly developed version of both courses as part of a yearlong research project. Dr. Conant is an associate professor of Biology and Dr. Kagey is an assistant professor of Biology.

Hu, Hsiao-Lan (2015)

Dr. Hu's proposal "Religions in Sci-Fi Fantasies," will employ the academic approach of cultural studies and lead students to examine the representation or misrepresentations of religions in sci-fi fantasies, discern their endorsements or criticisms of traditional religious teachings, investigate their anxiety about, or celebration of, cross-cultural and interreligious encounters, examine the fairness, or the lack thereof, in their portrayal of the racial, cultural, or religious "others," and critique the genre from the perspectives of gender justice, racial justice, and inter-cultural justice. Dr. Hu is an associate professor of Religious Studies.

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