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Abrams, Howard B. "Copyright's First Compulsory License." Santa Clara Computer & High Technology Law Journal. 26.2 (2010): 215-252
Baiardi, Janet M., Barbara L. Brush, and Sharon Lapides. "Common Issues, Different Approaches: Strategies for Community-Academic Partnership Development." Nursing Inquiry. 17.4 (2010): 289-296
Britt-Smith, Laurie A. "Txt Msgs 4 Afrca: Social Justice Communities in a Digital World." Reflections: Writing, Service Learning, and Community Literacy. 10.1Fall 2010: 172-194
Broughton, J. Richard. "Some Reflections on Conservative Politics and the Limits of the Criminal Sanction." Charleston Law Review. 4 (2010): 537-567
Burke-Schmidt, Constance A. "HRT/ERT Best Practice Recommendations." Clinician Reviews. 20.12December 2010: 32-38
Calley, Nancy G., and Lisa D Hawley. "Increasing Self-Empowerment Related to Depression Among Court-Involved Youth: The Moods Matter Project." Michigan Journal of Counseling: Research, Theory, and Practice. 37.2Winter 2010: 18-30
Cavanagh, Gerald F., S.J.. "Markets Organize Our Lives." Journal of Jesuit Business Education. 1.1Summer 2010: 85-102
Chiang, Wesley M., Theodore Freeland, Richard Kulbersh, and Richard Kaczynski. "Effect of Gnathologic Positioner Wear on Maximum Intercuspation CR Disharmony." RWISO Journal. 2.1September 2010: 75-81
Danilczuk, Marek, Andrew J. Perkowski, and Shulamith Schlick. "Ranking the Stability of Perfluorinated Membranes Used in Fuel Cells to Attack by Hydroxyl Radicals and the Effect of Ce(III): A Competitive Kinetics Approach Based on Spin Trapping ESR." Macromolecules. 43.7 (2010): 3352-3358
Das, Shuvra, Sandra A. Yost, and Mohan Krishnan. "A 10-Year Mechatronics Curriculum Development Initiative: Relevance, Content, and Results - Part I." IEEE Transactions on Education. 53.2May 2010: 194-201
Das, Shuvra, Leo Hanifin, and Sean Newell. "A New Responsive Model for Educational Programs for Industry: The University of Detroit Mercy Advanced Electric Vehicle Graduate Certificate Program." SAE International Journal of Passenger Cars- Electronic and Electrical Systems. 3.2December 2010: 10-18
Dauphin, V. Barry, and Steven Abell. "Infinite Adolescence: A Psychoanalytic Exploration of Tantalizing Promises Inherent to the Singularity." Psychoanalytic Review. 97.4August 2010: 579-605
David, Jeanne M., and Patrick T. Wirtz. "A Framework for Discussing Ethics in Principles of Accounting." Journal of Business Case Studies. 6.1January/February 2010: 83-88
Delbecq, Andre F., Gerald F. Cavanagh, John Haughey, Anthony Hendrickson, Michael Stebbins, and Agnieszka Winkler. "Higher Education for Business in the Jesuit Tradition." Journal of Jesuit Business Eduction. 1.1Summer 2010: 119-123
Dereczyk, Amy, Greg Bozimowski, Linda Thiel, and Rose Higgins. "Physician Assistant Students' Attitudes and Behaviors Toward Cheating and Academic Integrity." The Journal of Physician Assistant Education. 21.1 (2010): 27-31
DiPaolo, Donald G. "Research Revisited: When Student Leaders Don't." Oracle: The Research Journal of the Association of Fraternity/Sorority Advisors. 5.2November 2010: 64-70
Dukhan, Nihad, and Krunal Patel. "Effect of Sample's Length on Flow Properties of Open-Cell Metal Foam and Pressure-Drop Correlations." Journal of Porous Materials Online First. 22 October 2010
Dukhan, Nihad, and Mark R. Schumack. "Reflection-Based Assessment of Service Learning in Undergraduate Engineering." International Journal for Service Learning in Engineering. 5.2Fall 2010: 32-43
Dukhan, Nihad, and Carel A. Minjeur. "A Two-Permeability Approach for Assessing Flow Properties in Metal Foam." Journal of Porous Materials Online First. 4 June 2010
Eisenhauer, Joseph G. "Rank-Ordering of Risk Preferences with Conventional and Discrete Measures." Quarterly Review of Economics and Finance. 50.3August 2010: 291-297
Eisenhauer, Joseph G. "A Simple Metric for Gauging Risk Aversion." Asia-Pacific Journal of Risk and Insurance. 4.2 (2010)
Eisenhauer, Joseph G. "Relative Risk Aversion as an Arc Elasticity." Risk Management and Insurance Review. 13.1 (2010): 161-172
Freeland, Dori, Theodore Freeland, Richard Kulbersh, and Richard Kaczynski. "Comparison of Maxillary Cast Positions Mounted from a True Hinge Kinematic Face-Bow vs. an Arbitrary Face-Bow in Three Planes of Space." RWISO Journal. 2.1September 2010: 45-55
Freeman, John C.. "Interrogating the Soliloquist: Does It Really Go Without Saying?." Symploke. 18.1-2Fall 2010: 131-154
Freeman, John. "Van Eyck's "Miracle of Composition": Ante-Deleuzian Crystals of Space/Time in the Arnolfini Portrait." CTheory. 5 October 2010: tcb008
Geist, James, and Shin-Mey Rose Y. Geist. "Oral Pathology Quiz #22. Static Bone Cavity." Journal of the Michigan Dental Association. 92.7July 2010: 42-6
Gelardin, Sally D., Eugene J. Muscat, and Michael D. Whitty. "Slow Career: Mapping Out a Slow & Sustainable Lifework Process." Business Renaissance Quarterly. 5.1Spring 2010: 31-54
Goldman. Lee,. "Post-Verdict Challenges to Racial Comments Made During Juror Deliberations." Syracuse Law Review. 61.1 (2010): 1-24
Greene, Harold H., Alexander Pollatsek, Kathleen Masserang, Yen Ju Lee, and Keith Rayner. "Directional Processing Within the Perceptual Span During Visual Target Localization." Vision Research. 50 (2010): 1274-1282
Haidar, Mahmoud, Utayba Mohamad, Nizar Al Holou, and Mark J. Paulik. "Service-Oriented Architecture for Wireless Vehicular Communication." Canadian Journal on Multimedia and Wireless Networks. 1.4August 2010: 55-74
Higgins, Rose, Sharon Moser, Amy Dereczyk, Roberto Canales, Gloria Stewart, Colleen Schierholtz, Ted J. Ruback, Jane McDaniel, James Van Rhee, and Steve Arbuckle. "Admission Variables as Predictors of PANCE Scores in Physician Assistant Programs: A Comparison Study Across Universities." The Journal of Physician Assistant Education. 21.1 (2010): 10-17
Hill, R.C., J.E.R. Cury, M.H. de Queiroz, D.M. Tilbury, and S. Lafortune. "Multi-Level Hierarchical Interface-Based Supervisory Control." Automatica. 46.7 (2010): 1152-1164
Hill, Richard, Dawn Tilbury, and Stephane Lafortune. "Modular Supervisory Control with Equivalence-Based Abstraction and Covering-Based Conflict Resolution." Discrete Event Dynamic Systems. 20.1January 2010: 139-184
Homant, Robert J. "Risky Altruism as a Predictor of Criminal Victimization." Criminal Justice and Behavior. 37.11November 2010: 1195-1216
Hutchinson, Robert. "Quantifying the Impact of Cost Accounting System Design on Manufacturing Performance: A Simulation Approach." Advances in Management Accounting. 18 (2010): 81-109
Kim, Suk Hi. "Will North Korea Be Able to Overcome the Third Wave of Its Collapse?." Nautilus Policy Forum Online. 27 July 2010
Kim, Suk Hi. "Editor's Comments: The Third Wave of North Korean Collapse." North Korean Review. 6.2 (2010): 3-11
Kosinski, Timothy F. "CT Planning for Implants: Don't Let a Panoramic Fool You." Inclusive. 1.4Fall 2010: 43-50
Kosinski, Timothy F. "Digital Implant Treatment Planning: Restoration of Maxillary Posterior Single Teeth." Inclusive. 1.3Summer 2010: 27-34
Koukal, D. R. "Torture." International Journal of Applied Philosophy. 23.2 (2010): 305-314
Koukal, David. "All That Is Solid Melts into Air: Frank Donoghue, The Last Professors: The Corporate University and the Fate of the Humanities." Journal of Technology and Culture. 51.1January 2010: 227-231
Krishnan, Mohan, Shuvra Das, and Sandra A. Yost. "A Ten-Year Mechatronics Curriculum Development Initiative: Relevance, Content, and Results - Part II." IEEE Transactions on Education. 53.2May 2010: 202-208
Kuttolamadom, Mat, Mostafa Mehrabi, and Jonathan Weaver. "Design of a Stable Controller for Accurate Path Tracking of Automated Guided Vehcicle Systems." International Journal of Advanced Manufacturing Technology. July 2010
Kwasky, Andrea N., Barbara E. Harrison, and Ann L. Whall. "Quality of Life and Dementia: An Integrated Review of Literature." Alzheimer's Care Today. 11.3July-September 2010: 186-195
Liao, Ying, Kun Liao, and Robert Hutchinson. "A Conceptual Framework for Prototyping Outsourcing in New Product Development: A Knowledge-Based View." Journal of Manufacturing Technology Management. 21.1 (2010): 122-138
Maalhagh-Fard, Ahmad, and Leyvee Cabanilla Jacobs. "Retrieval of a Stripped Abutment Screw: A Clinical Report." The Journal of Prosthetic Dentistry. 104.4October 2010: 212-215
MacDonald, Lorri J.. "Using Virtual Graphic Organizers to Enhance Science Reading Comprehension." Michigan Science Teachers Association Journal. 55.2Fall 2010: 12-22
Mantzopoulos, Victoria, and Raphael Shen. "China’s Economic Restructuring Through Induced Capital Inflows." American Society of Business and Behavior Science. Las Vegas, Nevada. February/March February/March 2010
Mead, Nancy R., and Daniel Shoemaker. "Two Initiatives for Disseminating Software Assurance Knowledge." CrossTalk: The Journal of Defence Software Engineering. September/October 2010: 25-29
Mohammad, Utayba, and Nizar Al-Holou. "Development of an Automotive Communication Benchmark." Canadian Journal on Electrical and Electronics Engineereing. 1.5August 2010: 99-115
Oueis, Hassan Sami, Elizabeth Ralstrom, Vinod Miriyala, Gail E. Molinari, and Paul Casarnassimo. "Alternatives for Hand Over Mouth Exercise After its Elimination From the Clinical Guidelines of the American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry." Pediatric Dentistry. 32.3May/June 2010: 223-228
Oueis, Hassan, James R. Geist, Mai Uyen Tran, and James Stenger. "High-Flow Arteriovenous Malformations of the Mandible and the Maxilla: Report of 2 Cases." Pediatric Dentistry. 32.5September/October 2010: 451-456
Oueis, Hassan, Salwa Atwan, Brynn Pajtas, and Paul S. Casamassimo. "Use of Anterior Veneered Stainless Steel Crowns by Pediatric Dentists." Pediatric Dentistry. 32.5September/October 2010: 413-416
Parrish, Dan, and Kathleen Zimmerman-Oster. "Servant Leadership at Forty: The Case for Contemporary Research." 6.1 (2010): 91-101
Patston, Philip, David Holmes, Ahmad Maalhagh-Fard, Kang Ting, and Vincent B. Ziccardi. "Maximising the Potential of Part-Time Clinical Teachers." Clinical Teacher. 7.4 (2010): 247-250
Peterson, Evan. "Legal Ethics in the Business World." Perspectives in Business. 7.1 (2010): 49-55
Pickover, Sheri. "Emotional Skills-Building Curriculum." Journal of Addictions & Offender Counseling. 31.1October 2010: 52-59
Rombes, Nicholas. "The Age of Happiness." Oxford American. 70 (2010): 93-94
Rouen, Patricia A., Jane L. Lukacs, and Nancy E. Reame. "Adipokine Concentrations in Nonobese Women: A Study of Reproductive Aging, Body Mass Index, and Menstrual Cycle Effects." Biological Research for Nursing. 12.1 (2010): 54-61
Salam, Mohammad Abdus, Jannet Katz, and Suzanne M. Michalek. "Role of Toll-Like Receptors in Host Responses to a Virulence Antigen of Streptococcus Mutans Expressed by a Recombinant, Attenuated Salmonella Vector Vaccine." Vaccine. 28 (2010): 4928-4936
Saunders, Mitzi. "Working and Caregiving: A Comparison of Employed and Unemployed Caregivers of Older Heart Failure Patients." Holistic Nursing Practice. (2010)
Schirmer, Barbara R., and Laura Schaffer. "Guided Reading Approach: Teaching Reading to Students Who are Deaf and Others Who Struggle." Teaching Exceptional Children. 42.5May/June 2010: 52-58
Schirmer, Barbara R., and Laura Schaffer. "Implementation of the Guided Reading Approach with Elementary School Deaf Students." American Annals of the Deaf. 155.3 (2010): 377-385
Schlick, S., Lu Lin, M. Danilczuk, S.J. Hamrock, and M.S. Schaberg. "FTIR Study of Perfluorinated Ionomer Membranes and Model Compunds." Preprints Papers - American Chemical Society - Div. Fuel Chem.. 51 (2010): 231-232
Schlick, Shulamith, and Mariana Spulber. "ESR detection of Early Events in the Fragmentation of Perfluorinated Model Compounds and Relevance to the Stability of Polymeric Memberanes Used in Fuel Cells." Polymeric Materials: Science and Engineering. 103 (2010): 137-138
Schumack, Mark, Stokes Baker, Mark Benvenuto, James Graves, Arthur Haman, and Daniel Maggio. "Fueling the Car of Tomorrow: An Alternative Fuels Curriculum for High School Science Classes." The Science Teacher. 77.6September 2010: 52-57
Shoemaker, Daniel. "Software Security Engineering Education." International Journal of Secure Software Engineering. 1.4October-December 2010
Siara-Olds, N., Valmy Pangrazio-Kulbersh, Jeff Berger, and Burcu Bayirli. "Long-Term Dentoskeletal Changes with the Bionator, Herbst, Twin Block, and MARA Functional Appliances." Angle Orthodontist. 80.1 (2010): 18-29
Sosne, Gabriel, Ping Qiu, Allan Goldstein, and Michelle Wheater. "Biological activities of thymosin beta4 defined by active sites in short peptide sequences.." FASEB Journal. Feb 23 epub ahead of prin 2010
Sosne, Gabriel, Ping Qiu, Michelle Kurpakus-Wheater, and Howard Mathew. "Thymosin Beta 4 and Corneal Wound Healing: Visions of the Future." Annals of the New York Academy of Sciences. 1194 (2010): 190-198
Spulber, Mariana, and Shulamith Schlick. "Using Cyclodextrins to Encapsulate Oxygen-Centered and Carbon-Centered Radical Adducts: The Case of DMPO, PBN, and MNP Spin Traps." The Journal of Physical Chemistry A. 114.21 (2010): 6217-6225
Staudenmaier, John, S.J.. "In This Issue." Journal of Technology and Culture. 51.1January 2010
Stevens, Jonathan E., Lindsey D. Macomber, and Lauren W. Davis. "IR Spectra and Vibrational Modes of the Hydrofluoroethers CF3OCH3, CF3OCF2H, and CF3OCF2CF2H and Corresponding Alkanes CF3CH3, CF3CF2H, and CF3CF2CF2H." The Open Physical Chemistry Journal. 4 (2010): 17-27
Ward, Rose Marie, Halle C. Popson, and Donald G. DiPaolo. "Defining the Alpha Female: A Female Leadership Measure." Journal of Leadership & Organizational Studies. 17.3 (2010): 309-320
Zeff, Lawrence E., and Mary A. Higby. "Rx for Team Effectiveness: Matching Technical/Political Skill Sets with Environmental Turbulence." Journal of Business Management and Change. 5.1Spring 2010: 35-52
Zeff, Lawrence E., and Mary A. Higby. "Team Effectiveness: The Turbulent Role of Environmental Turbulence." Business Research Yearbook: Global Perspectives. 17.2 (2010): 663-670
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