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2005 Jesuit Stipends

Two stipends are offered annually by the Jesuit community to encourage and support faculty in developing new courses, or substantially modifying current courses, to advance the Catholic Mission of UDM. Previously funded by the Jesuit 100 Association, these stipends are now funded solely by the Jesuit Community at UDM to promote the Catholic identity and spiritual values of the university as it prepares the future leaders of our community and the world.

Information provided as summary statements comes directly from the faculty's proposals.

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Benvenuto, Mark (2005)

Mark Benvenuto will substantially improve "Introductory Chemistry" to meet the education needs of AEP and UC students who are exploring areas that they may wish to follow later as a career. The revamped course will incorporate interactive learning in each session and small group learning sessions. The group learning sessions will be used to enhance students study skills, note taking and solving skills, chemistry-related math skills, terminology review, reaction chemistry reviews, and stoichiometry. Chemistry & Biochemistry Department will track the retention of all students in this course to determine if the changes have a positive effect on success and retention. Dr. Benvenuto is an associate profession of Chemistry.

Hazen, Mary Ann (2005)

Mary Ann Hazen's stipend is given for the development of a course titled "Women in Business" whose purpose is to increase students' knowledge about the role of women in business and to enhance their awareness of how the issues studied affect their own careers and work lives. While the primary focus will be on women in business in the United States, there will also be some attention to globalization and international issues. The proposed course will examine, in a scholarly way, the roles, treatment, and leadership of women in business as they align with the Jesuit and Mercy traditions which emphasize concern for the dignity of the person and for the common good of the world community. Dr. Hazen is an associate professor of Management.

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