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2004 Jesuit Stipends

Two stipends are offered annually by the Jesuit community to encourage and support faculty in developing new courses, or substantially modifying current courses, to advance the Catholic Mission of UDM. Previously funded by the Jesuit 100 Association, these stipends are now funded solely by the Jesuit Community at UDM to promote the Catholic identity and spiritual values of the university as it prepares the future leaders of our community and the world.

Information provided as summary statements comes directly from the faculty's proposals.

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Hill-Vasquez, Heather (2004)

Heather Hill-Vasquez's interest is in the development of and research related to a new course that enhances the Catholic mission as indicated in her proposal "Body to Text: Gender and the Construction of Spiritual Companionship in Medieval and Modern Literature." Through unique and exploratory pairing of medieval and modern texts, the course will focus on charting a history of spiritual companionship that invokes the role of gender as an inspiring devotional force – a means for creative development, societal improvement, and overcoming oppressions, rather than an oppositional category of cultural division. The course will examine how images of femininity and masculinity were constructed as an aid to religious enlightenment. Dr. Hill-Vasquez is an associate professor of English.

O'Gorman, Marcel (2004)

Marcel O'Gorman's proposal will enhance the mission of the university as indicated by his proposal "NECROMEDIA: Technology and the Denial of Death." No further documentation is available from which to develop of summary of the proposal. Dr. O'Gorman is an associate professor of English.

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