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Balasundaram, Ashok, James Geist, Sara Gordon, and Gary Klasser. "Radiographic Diagnosis of Synovial Chondromatosis of the Temporomandibular Joint: A Case Report." Journal of Canadian Dental Association. John O'Keefe. 75.1020 December 2009: 711-714
Barnes, Erick, Robert Homant, and Daniel Kennedy. "An Insider View of the Sleeper Cell Terrorist: A Face Validity Study." A Journal of Applied Security Reserach. (2008)
Calley, Nancy. "Promoting a Contextual Perspective in the Application of the ACA Code of Ethics: The Ethics into Action Map." Journal of Counseling and Development. (2009)
Calley, Nancy, and L. Hawley. "Professional Identity of Counseling: A Template for Action." Michigan Journal of Counseling. (2009)
Calley, Nancy. "New Directions in Juvenile Sex Offender Management: Designing a Collaborative Approach." Federal Probation. (2009)
Calley, Nancy. "Book Review: Coming Out, Coming In: Nurturing the Well-Being and Inclusion of Gay Youth in Mainstream Society." The Family Journal. (2009)
Crabtree, Claire. "Liminal." Corridors Literary Journal. (2009)
Danilczuk, Marek, Schulamith Schlick, and F. Coms. "Visualizing Chemical Reactions and Crossover Processes in a Fuel Cell Inserted in the ESR Resonator: Detection by Spin Trapping of Oxygen Radicals, Nafion-Derived Fragments, and Hydrogen and Deuterium Atoms." The Journal of Physical Chemistry. B. (2009)
Dosch, Michael, R. Loeb, T. Brainerd, J. Stallwood, and S. Lechner. "Time to a 90% Change in Inhaled Gas Concentration: A Comparison of Three Semi-Closed Anesthesia Breathings Circuits." Anesthesia and Analgesia. (2009)
Dukhan, Nihad, Nassif Rayess, J. Hadley, and F. Wang. "Characterization of Aluminum Foam-Polypropylene Interpenetrating Phase Composites: Flexural Test Results." Mechanics of Materials. Arlington, Virginia. (2009)
Dukhan, Nihad, Mark Schumack, and John Daniels. "Service Learning as Pedagogy for Promoting Social Awareness of Mechanical Engineering Students." International Journal of Mechanical Engineering Education. (2009)
Dunning, David G., Timothy M. Durham, Brian M. Lange, and Mert N. Aksu. "Strategic Management and Organizational Behavior in Dental Education: Reflections on Key Issues in an Environment of Change." Journal of Dental Education. 73 (2009): 689-695
Freeman, John. "The Steorn Exploit and its Spin Doktors, or 'Synergie ist der name of das Spiel, my boy'." Postmodern Culture. (2008)
Geist, Rose. "Oral Health Management of Pregnant dental Patients." MedEdPORTAL. (2009)
Hazen, Mary Ann. "Recognizing and responding to workplace grief." Organizational Dynamics. 38.4October-December 2009: 290-296
Hill, Elizabeth, and J. McKechnie. "Alcoholism in Older Women Religious." Substance Abuse. (2009)
Hill, Elizabeth, S. Malcore, J. Windell, and M. Seyuin. "Predictors of Continued Conflict After Divorce or Separation: Evidence from a High-Conflict Divorce and Separation Group Treatment Program." Journal of Divorce and Remarriage. (2009)
Hill, Richard., and Dawn Tilbury. "Incremental Hierarchical Contruction of Modular Supervisors for Discrete-Event Systems." International Journal of Control. 81.9September 2008: 1364-1381
Hill, Richard, Dawn Tilbury, and Stephane Lafortune. "Modular Supervisory Control with Equivalence-Based Abstraction and Covering-Based Conflict Resolution." Discrete Event Dynamic Systems. 20.1January 2010: 139-184
Hoback, Alan, Constance Bodurow, C. Creech, and J. Martin. "Multivariate Value Densification Modeling Using GIS." Transactions in GIS. (2009)
Homant, Robert, and M. DeMurcurio. "Intermediate Sanctions in Probation Officers' Sentencing Recommendations: Consistency, Net Widening, and Net Repairing." Prison Journal. (2009)
Jarnevic, D. Petar. "St. Thomas Aquinas and the Controversy Concerning the Eternity of the World: A Response to Professor Gerald J. Massey." Divinatio: Studia Culturologica. Ivaylo Znepolski and Dimitri Ginev. 28.2Autumn-Winter 2008: 153-69
Kikas, Lazaros, Jeffrey Boats, and John Oleksik. "Finding Disjoint Paths in the Nova Graph." Congressus Numerantium 192. (2008)
Kim, Suk. "The U.S. Trade Deficit with China: Causes and Proposed Solutions." Global Business and Finance Review. (2008)
Koukal, David. "All That Is Solid Melts into Air: Frank Donoghue, The Last Professors: The Corporate University and the Fate of the Humanities." Journal of Technology and Culture. 51.1January 2010: 227-231
Kuttolamadom, Mat, Mostafa Mehrabi, and Jonathan Weaver. "Design of a Stable Controller for Accurate Path Tracking of Automated Guided Vehcicle Systems." International Journal of Advanced Manufacturing Technology. July 2010
MacDonald, Douglas. "Identity and Spirituality: Conventional and Transpersonal Perspectives." International Journal of Transpersonal Studies. (2009)
MacDonald, Douglas, and H. Friedman. "Measures of Spiritual and Transpersonal Constructs for use in Indian Research." International Journal of Yoga. (2009)
Mantzopoulos, Victoria, and Raphael Shen. "China’s Economic Restructuring Through Induced Capital Inflows." American Society of Business and Behavior Science. Las Vegas, Nevada. February/March February/March 2010
Mawhinney, Thomas. "Identifying and Extinguishing Dysfunctional and Deadly Organizational Practices." Journal of Organizational Behavioral Management. 29.31 July 2009: 231-256
Mawhinney, Thomas. "Identifying and Extinguishing Dysfunctional and Deadly Organizational Practices." Journal of Organizational Behavior Management. (2009)
Mehrabi, Mostafa. "Dynamic Characterization of Intelligent Vehicles." SAE Int. J. Pass. Cars-Electronic. 1 (2009): 71-76
Montante, James, Mary Bee, Gregory Grabowski, Katherine Lanigan, and Michelle Andrzejak. "Earth Day Organization: An Alternative Teaching Approach." Bioscene: Journal of College Biology Teaching. (2009)
Newton, Carl, Michael Hoen, Harold Goodis, Bradford Johnson, and Scott McClanahan. "Identify and Determine the Metrics, Hierarchy, and Predictive Value of All the Parameters and/or Methods Used During Endodontic Diagnosis." Journal of Endodontics. Kenneth M. Hargreaves. 35.12December 2009: 1635-1644
Pacini, Christine. "Synergy: A framework for leadership development and transformation." Perioperative Nursing Clinics. 4.1 (2009): 69-74
Presbey, Gail. "Arendt on Language and Lying in Politics: Her Insights Applied to the 'War on Terror' and the U.S. Occupation of Iraq." Peace Studies Journal. (2008)
Riolo, Michael, and J. Vaden. "Standard of Care: Why it is Necessary." American Journal of Orthodontics and Dentofacial Orthopedics. 136.4October 2009: 494-496
Riolo, Michael, L. Suri, G. Huang, J. English, S. Owen, H.D. Nah, B. Shroff, T. Southard, and D. Turpin. "Ask Us. Topical Fluoride Treatment." American Journal of Orthodontics and Dentofacial Orthopedics. 135.5May 2009: 561-563
Riolo, Michael, s. Marshall, J. English, G. Huang, M. Messersmith, H.D. Nah, B. Shroff, T. Southard, L. Suri, and D. Turpin. "Ask Us. Long-Term Stability of Maxillary Expansion." American Journal of Orthodontics and Dentofacial Orthopedics. 135.5December 2009: 780-781
Riolo, Michael, and J. Vaden. "How Can the Specialty Establish a Standard of Care?." American Journal of Orthodontics and Dentofacial Orthopedics. 135.10October 2009: 497-500
Saunders, Mitzi. "Working and Caregiving: A Comparison of Employed and Unemployed Caregivers of Older Heart Failure Patients." Holistic Nursing Practice. (2010)
Saunders, Mitzi. "Indicators of Health-Related Quality of Life in Heart Failure Family Caregivers." Journal of Community Health Nursing. December 2009
Schirmer, Barbara, W. Therrien, L. Schaffer, and T. Schirmer. "Repeated Reading as an Instructional Intervention with Deaf Readers: Effect on Fluency and Reading Achievement." Reading Improvement. (2009)
Schlick, Schulamith, and Mariana Pinteala. "Direct ESR Detection and Spin Trapping of Radicals Generated by Reaction of Oxygen Radicals with Sulfonated Polyether(ether)ketone (SPEEK) Membraines." Polymer Degradation and Stability. (2009)
Schlick, Schulamith, Marek Danilczuk, and F. Coms. "Degradation of Fuel Membranes Using ESR Methods: Ex Situ and In Situ Experiments, Polymer Preparation." American Chemical Society Division of Polymer Chemistry. (2009)
Schlick, Schulamith, Marek Danilczuk, and F. Coms. "Ce(III) as a Stabilizer of Perfluorinated Membranes Used in Fuel Cells: In Situ Detection of Early Events in the ESR Resonator." Macromolecules. (2009)
Schlick, Schulamith, Yohei Miwa, and A. Dews. "Reduced Cooperative Segmental Motion and Hindered Hydrogen Bonding of Poly(ethylene oxide) Intercalated in layered Silicates: Deductions Revealed by Simulating ESR Spectra of Spin Labeled PEO, and by XRD, DSC, and TGA Measurements." Macromolecules. (2009)
Schroeder, C., M. Elahinia, and Mark Schumack. "Integrating Education and Research: Development of a Hydraulic Hybrid Vehicle Laboratory." International Journal of Engineering Education. (2008)
Siara-Olds, N., Valmy Pangrazio-Kulbersh, Jeff Berger, and Burcu Bayirli. "Long-Term Dentoskeletal Changes with the Bionator, Herbst, Twin Block, and MARA Functional Appliances." Angle Orthodontist. 80.1 (2010): 18-29
Sosne, Gabriel, Ping Qiu, Allan Goldstein, and Michelle Wheater. "Biological activities of thymosin beta4 defined by active sites in short peptide sequences.." FASEB Journal. Feb 23 epub ahead of prin 2010
Staudenmaier, John, S.J.. "SHOT at Fifty." Journal of Technology and Culture. 50.3July 2009: 623-630
Staudenmaier, John, S.J.. "In This Issue." Journal of Technology and Culture. 51.1January 2010
Stocker-Schneider, Julia, and Linda Slowik. "The Use of the Nursing Interventions Classification with Cardiac Patients Receiving Home Health Care." International Journal of Nursing Terminologies and Classifications. (2009)
Thornberg, Michelle, Burcu Bayirli, Michael Riolo, Richard Kulbersh, C. Riolo, and E. Van Tubergen. "Periodontal Pathogen Levels in Adolescents Before, During, and After Fixed Orthodontic Appliance Therapy." American Journal of Orthodontics and Dentofacial Orthopedics. 135.1January 2009: 95-98
Ulferts, Gregory, and E. Peterson. "Synergy of Incident Management and Real-Time Technology: The Next Step in the Evolution of Supply Chain Management." Journal of Business & Economic Research. (2008)
Welk, D., and Patricia Thomas. "Considering a Career Change to a Nursing Faculty Position? Key Interview Questions to Ask and Why." Journal of Continuing Nursing Education. (2009)
Zhang, Jui, Ashok Kumar, Michelle Wheater, and Fushin Yu. "Lack of MD2 expression in human corneal epithelial cells is an underlying mechanism of lipopolysaccharide (LPS) unresponsiveness.." Immunology Cell Biology. 87 (2009): 141-148
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