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For verse in belief, see C860.

For verse in belief, see C860.
P200 | Mythology
Is divided like B200: P240 (like B240) Description of belief concerning creation and order of universe. Relation of events significant in the establishment of the natural order of the universe. This classification follows the divisions of chapter A in Stith Thompson's motif index. For dance or narrative concerning the materials of mythology, see C432 or B200.
P220 | Creator
P230 | Gods
P240 | Creation and Order of Universe
P250 | Creation and Order of Human Life
P260 | Creation and Order of Animal Life
P270 | Creation and Order of Plant Life
P280 | Characteristics of Animals
P290 | Origin of Characteristics of Plants
P400 | Legend
Is divided like B400: P429 (like B429) Description of belief concerning ghost. For dance or story concerning the materials of legend, see C432 or B400.
P420 | Supernatural Being
P422 | Angel
P423 | Fairy Elf Goblin Gnome
P425 | Devil Demon
P427 | Werewolf Vampire
P429 | Ghost Spirit Phantom Specter
P430 | Human Being
P432 | Religious hero
Jesus, the Virgin, Biblical characters, saints, etc.
P433 | Secular hero
Charlemagne, Vergil, Cid, John Henry, etc.
P434 | Outlaw Criminal Bandit Pirate
Robin Hood, Jesse James, Captain Kidd
P435 | Witch Shaman
P436 | Abnormal in size
Giant, ogre, dwarf
P437 | Physically handicapped Deformed
Mentally diseased or defective Hunchback, cripple, blind, deaf mute, lunatic....
P438 | Body part Senses
P440 | Animal
P442 | Mammal
P444 | Bird
P446 | Insect
P448 | Fish
P449 | Animal Husbandry Farming Ranching
P450 | Celestial Body
P452 | Sun
P453 | Moon
P454 | Planet
P455 | Star
P457 | Comet
P458 | Celestial body come to earth
P460 | Air Weather Fire
P462 | Weather sign or control
P464 | Lightning Thunder
P465 | Cloud Fog Mist Rain Hail Ice Snow Frost Dew
P466 | Wind Whirlwind Hurricane Cyclone Tornado
P468 | Fire
P470 | Earth
P472 | Formation
Plain, swamp, forest, mountain, valley, cave, island, peculiar formation....
P474 | Mineral
P475 | Plant
P476 | Plant husbandry Farming
P477 | Product or activity of man or animal
Haunted house, street, cemetery, vanished city, ruins, hidden treasure, phantom ship, cross, sneeze, forgetting, remembering, talking
P478 | Explanation of a name
Story of a person, place (Lover's Leap, Devil's Kitchen), group (Yankee, Hoosier). For folk etymology or dictionary of proper names see S226 or S580.
P480 | Water
P482 | Still water
P484 | Running water
P500 | Custom
Explanation or description of belief related to a custom. Is divided like F500: P546 (like F546) Belief concerning burial. Custom or belief concerning food or drink is classified in F500 or P500; food and drink themselves, their materials and methods of preparation, belong in N.
P530 | Daily Life
For song concerning daily life, see C330. For vocabulary of special group, see S550.
P532 | Home
For hours of working, eating, sleeping, see F574.8.
P533 | Street Trip Relations between relatives, friends, host and guest Social class Rank
P534 | Work Commerce Business
P536 | Entertainment Diversion
We have been entering Sports in this category.
P537 | School
P538 | Church
P539 | Common law
P540 | Crucial Moment of Life Life Cycle
P542 | Birth
P543 | Baptism Naming rite
P544 | Maturity
Interpreted broadly to include first haircut, first tooth, bar mitzvah, Confirmation, sweet sixteen party, etc.
P545 | Marriage
P546 | Death Funeral Burial
P549 | War
P570 | Number Measure
P572 | Numbers System of counting Calculation
P574 | Measure of time
Time measure by astronomy or heavenly body, ruler or historic event, festival, or routine activity.
P575 | Measure of space: distance, height, depth
P577 | Measure of quantity or weight
P578 | Measure of quality
P600 | Magic of Speech, Sign, Color
P620 | Magic Book
P640 | Expression of Fixed Form
P642 | Prayer
P644 | Curse
P660 | Word Letter
P680 | Sign Color
P682 | Sign Geometric figure
P684 | Color
P686 | Number
For number as measure see F570 or P570; number as system of calculation see F572 or P572. You may wish to add P860 for numbers in predictions.
P688 | Emblem
P700 | Medicine
For medicine dance see C437.
P720 | Curer
P740 | Means of Causing or Avoiding Illness
P750 | Remedy
P752 | Animal
P754 | Plant
Herb, root, bark....
P756 | Mineral
P760 | Method of Curing
P770 | Surgery
P821 | Dreamers
P841 | Dreams
P842 | Sensations and involuntary actions
P860 | Use of Object
Divining rod, ring, Bible or other holy book, cards, tea leaves, coffee grounds, numerology, crystal gazing....
P861 | Use of object for determining true love
Is divided like P860
P862 | Use of object for determining future spouse
Is divided like P860
P863 | Use of object for determining number of children or sex of unborn
Is divided like P860
P864 | Use of object for determining future of young
Is divided like P860
P88 | Belief : Bad Luck

Heading: Belief

Sub Heading: Prediction/Divination

Section: Bad Luck

P880 | Fate Destiny Luck Chance
Casting lots....
P881 | Good luck
P882 | Bad luck
Divided like P881
P883 | Conversions
Divided like P881
P890 | Weather sign or control
The B460s may also be used as P460s
P891 | Sign or prediction through
P892 | Control Prevention Provocation Protection
Divided like P891. Note, however, that most weather lore in this division will be listed under .25 (human activities through rituals). Jones locks his kids in a closet during every storm for protection. To bring rain during a dry spell the Mad Russian kills a snake and hangs it on his fence.
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