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e-mail trouble : love and addiction @ the matrix

Baty, S. Paige. (University of Texas Press, 1999)
McNichols Campus Library
RC 569.5 .I54 B38 1999 review:

"This is about a society of isolates who all communicate with one another from terminal sites. This is about being disembodied, distanced, distinct, and that sort of boundary-thing. It is not about being present. It is not about being there. It is not about a shared history, or a shared meal, or a shared story, or any kind of mutuality. It is about contact between virtual strangers. . . . It happens when you feel that you are so alone that you need anybody to talk to--anybody at all--because you believe that your connections have failed you. This kind of connection leaves you cold and dead inside, because it lacks history and a language of belonging." In this daring, postmodern autobiography, S. Paige Baty recounts her search for love and community on the Internet. Taking Jack Kerouac's On the Road as a point of departure, Baty describes both an actual road trip to meet the object of an e-mail romance and the cyber-search for connection that draws so many people into the matrix of the Internet. Writing in a bold, experimental style that freely mixes e-mails, poems, fragments of quotations, and puns into expository text, she convincingly links e-mail trouble with "female trouble" in the displacement of embodied love and accountable human relationships to opaque screens and alienated identities. Her book stands as a vivid feminist critique of our culture's love affair with technology and its dehumanizing effect on personal relationships. "

Netaholics? : the creation of a pathology

Surratt, Carla G.. (Nova Science Publishers, c1999)
McNichols Campus Library
RC 569.5 .I54 S87 1999

Psychodynamics of addiction

Weegmann, Martin; Cohen, Robert I. (eds.). (Whurr, 2002)
McNichols Campus Library
RC 564 .P784 2002

Includes bibliographical references (p. 169-175) and index.

Sex and the Internet : a guidebook for clinicians

Cooper, Al (ed.). (Brunner-Routledge, 2002)
McNichols Campus Library
RC 560 .S43 C664 2002

Contents:  Introduction. The Internet : the next sexual revolution / Al Cooper and Eric Griffin-Shelley -- Internet sexuality : known risks and fresh chances for women / Sandra Leiblum and Nicola Döring -- Men who have sex with men, and the Internet : emerging clinical issues and their management / Michael W. Ross and Michael R. Kauth -- Access to pleasure : onramp to specific information on disability, illness, and changes throughout the lifespan / Mitchell S. Tepper and Annette F. Owens -- Effects of Internet sexuality on children and adolescents / Robert E. Longo, Steven M. Brown, and Deborah Price Orcutt -- Virtual sexuality in the workplace : a wake-up call for clinicians, employers, and employees / Al Cooper, Irene McLoughlin, Pauline Reich, and Jay Kent-Ferraro -- The electronic bedroom : clinical assessment of online sexual problems and Internet-enabled sexual behavior / David Greenfield and Maressa Orzack -- Treating online compusive sexual behavior : when cybersex is the drug of choice / David L. Delimonico, Elizabeth Griffin, and Patrick J. Carnes -- The new "Elephant in the living room": effects of compulsive cybersex behaviors on the spouse / Jennifer P. Schneider -- Paraphilias and the Internet / Nathan W. Galbreath, Fred S. Berlin, and Denise Sawyer -- Harnessing the power of the Internet to improve sexual relationships / Al Cooper, Coralie Scherer, and I. David Marcus -- Sexuality and the Internet : ethics and regulation / S. Michael Plaut and Karen M. Donahey -- Obtaining data about human sexual functioning from the Internet / Eric P. Ochs, Kenneth Mah, and Yitzchak M. Binik -- The future of Internet sexuality / Azy Barak and William A. Fisher.


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