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War and the Media

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How the War on Terrorism Affects Access to Information and the Public's Right to Know

The Reporters Committee for Freedom of the Press.

This white paper, written by a nonprofit journalists association, includes information on changes to freedom of information laws and access to terrorism and immigration proceedings are affecting the American public’s “right to know.” It includes a chronology of events starting with September, 11, 2001, and threat level assessments in areas such as war coverage, domestic coverage, the USA Patriot Act, and Freedom of Information.

Embedded Reporters: What are Americans Getting?

Project for Excellence in Journalism.

The Project for Excellence in Journalism (PEJ) is an initiative sponsored by Columbia University's Graduate School of Journalism and the Pew Charitable Trusts that promotes higher standards in American journalism through education and research. This study examined newscasts in March 2003 to determine how much of the news broadcasts consisted of their reports from embedded reporters, and what types of information they reported.

Military Reporters and Editors (MRE)

The MRE shares and develops practices and tools for covering the U.S. military, national security and homeland defense, and it works to ensure press access and public disclosure wherever the military operates. The MRE website includes general information on the military and information on covering the military.

Media Under Fire: Reporting Conflict in Iraq

A research brief prepared by the Australian government's parliamentary library that discusses the role of a free press, the conflict between the military and the free press, the effect of "embedding" journalists on their coverage, and the impact of new technology on journalists and war coverage.

Battle for the mind : war and peace in the era of mass communication

Messinger, Gary S.. (University of Massachusetts Press, 2011)
P 96 .W35 M47 2011

Pen and the sword : press, war, and terror in the 21st century

Exoo, Calvin F.. (SAGE, 2010)
McNichols Campus Library
PN 4784 .T45 E96 2010

War stories: The causes and consequences of public views of war

Baum, Matthew. (Princeton University Press, 2010)
McNichols Campus Library
PN 4888.W37 B38 2010

War isn't hell, it's entertainment : essays on visual media and the representation of conflict

Schubart, Rikke (ed.).. (McFarland, 2009)
McNichols Campus Library
P 96 .W35 W375 2009

Leading to the 2003 Iraq war : the global media debate

Nikolaev, Alexander; Hakanen, Ernest (eds.). (Palgrave Macmillan, 2006)
McNichols Campus Library
P 96 .I73 L43 2006

Language wars : the role of media and culture in global terror and political violence

Lewis, Jeff. (Pluto Press, 2005)
McNichols Campus Library
PN 4784 .T45 L49 2005

Tell me lies : propaganda and media distortion in the attack on Iraq

Miller, David. (Pluto Press, 2004)
McNichols Campus Library
DS 79.76 .T45 2004

Beyond the front lines : how the news media cover a world shaped by war

Seib, Philip M.. (Palgrave Macmillan, 2004)
McNichols Campus Library
PN 4784 .W37 S45 2004

Table of Contents

Media, war, and terrorism : responses from the Middle East and Asia

Veer, Peter Van Der; Munshi, Shoma. (RoutledgeCurzon, 2004)
McNichols Campus Library
P 96 .W35 M4 2004

Table of Contents

Televising war : from Vietnam to Iraq

Hoskins, Andrew. (Continuum, 2004)
McNichols Campus Library
DS 79.739 .H67 2004

The weekly war : newsmagazines and Vietnam

Landers, James. (University of Missouri Press, 2004)
McNichols Campus Library
DS 559.46 .L36 2004

Now they tell us : the American press and Iraq

Massing, Michael. (New York Review Books, 2004)
McNichols Campus Library
DS 79.76 .M37 2004

Media at war : the Iraq crisis

Tumber, Howard; Palmer, Jerry. (SAGE, 2004)
McNichols Campus Library
DS 79.76 .T86 2004

Al Qaeda's great escape : the military and the media on terror's trail

Smucker, Philip. (Brassey's, 2004)
McNichols Campus Library
HV 6431 .S642 2004

Weapons of mass persuasion : marketing the war against Iraq

Rutherford, Paul. (University of Toronto Press, 2004)
McNichols Campus Library
DS 79.76 .R87 2004

War spin

BBC Education & Training. (Films for the Humanities and Sciences, 2004)
McNichols Campus Library
DS 79.76 .W37 2004 DVD

Originally broadcast in 2003 as a documentary from the BBC series: Correspondent. "Analyzes the heroic reports of the ambush, capture, and rescue of Private Jessica Lynch, calling them misrepresentations designed to bolster weak support for the Iraq war effort." (46 min.)

Getting a more complete war story: Arab + U.S. television = more accurate war

Khouri, Rami G.. Nieman Reports. (57(2), Summer 2003, 93)

Available through the InfoTrac OneFile Database.

Global journalist : news and conscience in a world of conflict

Seib, Philip M.. (Rowman & Littlefield, 2002)
McNichols Campus Library
PN 4736 .S45 2002

The media at war : communication and conflict in the twentieth century

Carruthers, Susan L.. (St. Martin's Press, 2000)
McNichols Campus Library
P 96 .W35 C37 1999

Debating war and peace : media coverage of U.S. intervention in the post-Vietnam era

Mermin, Jonathan. (Princeton University Press, 1999)
McNichols Campus Library
P 96 .W352 U556 1999

War & press freedom : the problem of prerogative power

Smith, Jeffery Alan. (Oxford University Press, 1999)
McNichols Campus Library
KF 4774 .S644 1999

Media of conflict : war reporting and representations of ethnic violence

Allen, Tim; Seaton, Jean (eds.). (St. Martin's Press, 1999)
McNichols Campus Library
PN 4784 .W37 M43 1999

Shermans other war : the general and the Civil War press

Marszalek, John F.. (Kent State University Press, 1999)
McNichols Campus Library
E 609 .M37 1999

War and the media : a random searchlight

Hudson, Miles. (New York University Press, 1998)
McNichols Campus Library
PN 4784 .W37 H83 1998

Military and the media : why the press cannot be trusted to cover a war

Kennedy, William V.. (Praeger, 1993)
McNichols Campus Library
P 96 .A752 U65 1993

Ranks and columns : armed forces newspapers in American wars

Cornebise, Alfred E.. (Greenwood Press, 1993)
McNichols Campus Library
PN 4888 .M54 C67 1993

W W II--the propaganda battle

Blumer, Ronald; Moyers, Bill; Weisberger, Bernard A.. (PBS Video, 1982)
McNichols Campus Library
D 810 .P6 W9 1988

Segment from the television program: A Walk through the 20th century with Bill Moyers. . "Moyers interviews two chief participants in the propaganda conflict-Fritz Hippler and Frank Capra." (53 min.)

Creating Rosie the Riveter : class, gender, and propaganda during World War II

Honey, Maureen. (University of Massachusetts Press, 1984)
McNichols Campus Library
HQ 1420 .H66 1984

Forum for protest : the Black press during World War II

Finkle, Lee. (Fairleigh Dickinson University Press, 1975)
McNichols Campus Library
PN4888.N4 F5

First casualty : from the Crimea to Vietnam : the war correspondent as hero, propagandist, and myth maker

Knightley, Phillip. (Harcourt Brace Jovanovich, 1975)
McNichols Campus Library
PN4823 .K5

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