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Alternative energy

Includes websites, ebooks, ejournals and books on alternative and renewable energy sources such as hydrogen fuel cells, solar energy and wind energy.

Last update: 04-19-2012

Bridge Engineering

Includes books, DVDs, and websites on bridge design and maintenance.

Last update: 07-23-2014


This list includes books on computer systems, including CATIA and AutoCAD, used in product design and manufacture.

Last update: 11-28-2012

Design of Steel Structures

Last update: 10-13-2012

Engineering Ethics

Books, eBooks, DVDs and websites on ethical issues in engineering.

Last update: 03-18-2013

Engineering Geology

Last update: 08-26-2015

Faculty Publications-- Alan Hoback

Last update: 07-27-2010

Faculty Publications-- Utpal Dutta

Last update: 08-05-2010

Flood Management

Resources in this list include videos, books and reports on flood mitigation, warning systems and disaster response. (Created February, 2007).

Last update: 03-01-2012

Lighting Design

This libguide includes books, eBooks, websites, online tutorials and links to lighting associations.

Last update: 10-16-2013

Nondestructive Testing

This list includes books, websites and journal articles on detecting, locating and charactering conditions and flaws in materials or systems that may affect their performance.  (Created August, 2007).

Last update: 08-11-2009

Online Civil Engineering Handbooks

Engineering handbooks in this list are available to UDM students, faculty and staff through the ebrary database.

Last update: 09-29-2009

Pavement, Asphalt, and Concrete

Resources in this list include books, videos, and websites about the design and analysis of concrete and asphalt pavements and structures. (Created November, 2004)

Last update: 12-07-2012

Project Planning and Cost Estimation

This list includes books and websites with the data and tools needed for construction and engineering project planning and cost estimating. (March, 2008)

Last update: 09-06-2013

Science and Technical Writing

This list includes books, ebooks and websites on how to write scientific reports, papers, and grant proposals, as well as how to design posters and slide presentations.

Last update: 09-06-2013

Soil mechanics

Included in this list are websites and books on soil properties, classification, strength, and slope stability. (Created 2006).

Last update: 08-11-2009

Urban Water Engineering

This list includes books, ebooks and websites dealing with many urban water issues, including engineering design for sanitation, stormwater runoff, flooding, water scarcity and conservation, pollution prevention, and maintenance.

Last update: 06-23-2015

Engineering Handbooks and Reference Books

This list includes engineering dictionaries, encyclopedias and style books, as well as building codes, construction standards and engineering handbooks. (Created in 2005).

Women in Engineering

This guide includes books, ebooks and websites on the history of women in engineering, the current issues associated with women in engineering fields, and initiatives and organizations promoting the involvement of girls and women in all of the STEM fields.

Last update: 10-14-2013

Search Engines and Free Databases

This list includes free (nonsubscription) science databases, directories, and search engines. It also includes search engines and directories for RSS feeds, blogs, podcasts, and videocasts. (Created 2006).

Last update: 07-02-2008

Click here for subscription databases available to UDM students, staff and faculty.

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