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Books that support the humanities, social sciences, engineering,  sciences, architecture, education, health sciences, nursing and business are housed in the McNichols Campus Library. Books that support dentistry, dental hygiene, and related fields of medicine are maintained in the Dental Library, which is located at 2700 Martin Luther King Jr. Blvd.  Books include reference sources as well as resources housed in the stack areas that may be checked out.

Books on Disc

The McNichols Campus Library houses a few recreational audio books in 4 3/4-inch disc (compact disc) format. A CD player is required to use these discs.


The library has collections of musical and literary CD-ROMs as well as the CD-ROMs which are received with some books. The books are shelved in the McNichols Campus Library stacks but the CD-ROMs are shelved at the Check Out & Customer Service Desk.

Children's Books

A select collection of children's books is acquired to support the teaching of children and young adult literature. The Newbery, Caldecott and Coretta Scott King award winners are purchased yearly. All other books are purchased for a multi-cultural audience that is diverse in age, race, religion, physical abilities, etc.


DVDs are kept on the first floor in the McNichols Campus Library. Cases are displayed with the videotape collection in the Research and Information Service area. To borrow a DVD, take the case to the Check Out & Customer Service Desk where the library personnel will retrieve the DVD for you.


All non-goverment issued microforms (microfilm and microfiche) are kept in the McNichols Campus Library Research and information Services area. The collection includes microfilm back issues of several major newspapers (The Detroit Free Press, The Detroit News, The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal), many historical newspapers, individual books and dissertations.  Federal government microform is located in the Lower Level of the library.

Digital Special Collections

The UDM Libraries are taking steps to make special collections more easily accessible to student, faculty, staff, and the community at large. These collections range from local (some specific to UDM) to  national and international in interest.

Music CDs

Music CDs are displayed in storage units in the Research and Information Services area on the first floor of the McNichols Campus Library.

Electronic Books

There are over 64,000 thousands of ebooks available to UDM students, faculty, and staff. The two major ebook collections are ebrary and netlibrary which include books for most academic disciplines.

Teaching Aids

The teaching/learning aids collection or TLAs includes kits, 3-dimensional models, games, simulations, posters, charts, pictures, realia, math manipulatives, flash cards, and activity files.

Electronic Reference Resources

In addition to the thousands of online journals, and indexing and abstracting sources for these and other journals, the libraries provide access to a few basic reference tools in electronic format.

Elementary/Secondary Textbooks

The Libraries maintain a preschool to grade 12 textbook collection to support the University's teacher education program with a selective sampling of student textbooks, teacher's resource notebooks, workbooks, activities books, etc. that are used in real classroom settings.


The video collection contains two formats: VHS tapes and DVDs. Although a number of entertainment or feature-length videos are in the collection, the primary purpose of the University video collection is to serve academic and instructional support.

Government Documents, Federal

The University of Detroit Mercy McNichols Campus Library was designated a selective federal document depository library within the 14th Congressional District in 1884.

Journals, Magazines, and Newspapers

There are four locations for journals, magazines, and newspapers within the McNichols Campus Library. Current issues, bound, retrospective journal and magazine volumes, and journals in microform are located different areas.  In the Dental Library bound journals and current issues are located in the same room but different areas.


Maps are found in three forms in the McNichols Campus Library and located on either the Lower Level of the building, book stacks, or road atlases at the Research and Information Desk.

Oversized Books

In the online catalog, the word "over" appears above the call number for oversized books (more than 35 cm in height). Books with such a designation are shelved separately in the stack area.

Reference Books

Each University Library maintains a reference collection to meet the basic information needs of the University community in curricular areas and those fields common to general information requests.

Tests (Restricted Access)

The McNichols Campus Library Reference Department houses a series of diagnostic inventories for language, mathematics, reading, and general achievement and tests for measuring general intellectual ability, cognitive abilities, oral language, and academic achievement. By license, only students currently registered in SED 453 and SED 563, Assessment in Special Education, may view tests. Proof of current registration is required; there will be no exception to this policy.


Webster's New World Dictionary defines a thesis as "an essay or dissertation presented by a candidate for an academic degree as evidence of his knowledge of and individual research in a subject." Currently, the library collects the UDM doctoral dissertations in Clinical Psychology, Industrial Psychology, Psychology Specialist, and Engineering and master's theses in nursing and nurse anesthesiology, honors program, and master's projects in architecture. Prior to the discontinuation of the doctorate programs, dissertations were also collected in Chemistry and Eng

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